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26 July, 2012:

Godwin's Law

Godwin's Law

With the increasing number of people with signs of politicians proclaiming them to be Hitler, this is the logical conclusion of the phenomenon.


20 July, 2012:

If a doctor is assigned to do an autopsy, and he deliberately misrepresents the cause of death, does that make him a pathological liar?


19 July, 2012:

Divided We Stand
This was a collab project between myself and Ankh Infinitus.
Right click and click, "view image," for the full size version.


18 July, 2012:
My training is in culinary arts.  So, when they changed my position at the restaurant from chef to accountant, is it any wonder I got fired for cooking the books?


16 July, 2012:

I think Chinese Restaurant is manufacture Engrish for advertise.


14 July, 2012:

I just got a new bit for my power drill.  I just have one question.  Why do they call it that?  I've been using it all day, and I find it anything but boring...
My victims didn't seem that bored by it either.

Bloody Boring Bit



13 July, 2012:

If I were a bettin' man, I'd put my money on maybe.



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