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26 April, 2011 (Launch Day):

Anyone who doesn't think rape is funny has obviously never seen a Pepe le Pew cartoon.


Trying to cut something from the budget it like having a rattlesnake down your pants. You can't just pull out your gun and shoot it because you don't want to hit something important.


I can't remember why I take ginkgo biloba.

Origin Of The Pirate Cat

Origin Of The Pirate Cat

This one was a family project. My brother and I worked on the jokes and our father drew it.
DVD commentaries are great. If you can't afford to go to the cinema, just turn on the commentary track and someone will talk during the film right in your home.


Don't laugh at people in wheelchairs. They're not funny. People falling out of wheelchairs? Now, that's funny.




27 April, 2011:

Is Your Penis Too Small?

If so, the right modification to your vehicle can either make up for it or, as in the case of these douchebags, make things worse.


8 May, 2011:

Did I ever tell you about the time I was shot in the face? I kept a positive outlook, though. I said, "It could be worse. I could be watching one of those Twilight films.
Actually, the reason I've been gone so long is natural disasters in my area. The first week, I had no electricity and I thought, "At least, with no power, I can't accidentally watch one of those Twilight films. I mean, unless the actors come over to my place to perform an impromptu production, but that's a good way to get stabbed."


9 May, 2011:

If you can't see the picture, the joke is that taxes are extortion.

Right click/View image, to see it in 800×600.


11 May, 2011:

I am reminded of the time I was kicked out of a toy store for crediting marijuana for the creation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...
I suppose LSD was just offended that I failed to credit him for his part.


12 May, 2011:

If you can't see the image, the joke is that a dessert is called The Nutbuster
A restaurant around here actually advertised this dessert on the sign near the entrance. I complained when it failed to meet expectations but, rather than reimburse me, they kicked me out for lewd conduct.



13 May, 2011:

The picture if of Apex Icon stabbing a lightsabre all the way through The Ceej.

That's not what I meant, Apex, when I said, "Put it in me."


16 May, 2011:

Ironic Musings Of The Day:
1. Whoever decided to outlaw drugs must have been high.
2. Why does no one use the word, "literally" literally anymore?


17 May, 2011:

This is a picture of a car that is hitting a telephone pole on the side of the street at almost a 90 degree angle...

I'd like to know how stupid a person has to be to make this accident possible


18 May, 2011:

"Smart phone" is just a nice way of saying "dumb computer." Apparently these "phones" are smarter than the people who buy them.


19 May, 2011:

Pride Out Of Shame

A parody of the cover of the film Under Siege 2 that pictures The Ceej and says, "Under Ceej 2: Dark Territory"

How did I come up with the name of these sites? Well, let's just say I have a past I'm not particularly proud of.


20 May, 2011:

Tomorrow is the day they're all saying is supposed to be the rapture. I'm really looking forward to all the Christians getting sucked off the face of the earth and leaving us heathens the opportunity to party without them.


23 May, 2011:

Wasn't that rapture supposed to happen this weekend? Well, just like every other apocolypse prophecy, I guess it was wrong. I mean, except for the 2012 one. That one is right. I swear!


24 May, 2011:

This is a picture of a shirt that shows three of its button holes in frame. The two outside holes have pens stuck through to show they're there, but the middle hole is mysteriously missing. Photoshop or weird circumstance? If you could see the picture, you might be able to make an educated guess.

When one of the button holes just fell off my shirt, I was first puzzled at how it happened and then at a complete loss regarding how to replace it. (You can right click/view image to get a closer view of the missing hole.)


25 May, 2011:

If pants are plural, and there's only one of them, why is underwear singluar?


26 May, 2011:

A Sign That Reads, "Tattoos In Rear."

The thing is, I may have given them business if they could have just put it on my shoulder.


27 May, 2011:

Today's joke was originally written by Ankh Infinitus. He gave me permission to use it, so I reworded it first.
There is a liar, a hypocrite, and a power-hungry madman sitting at a bar. He says to the bartender, "I think I'm going to run for president in 2012."


28 May, 2011:

A Unique Fortune Cookie

The fortune cookie said, "Your famoyant personality will soon bring you a new hobby." I added, "IN BED!"

It's unique in the sense that it's the only fortune cookie I've ever seen where adding the words, "In bed" won't make it any dirtier.


30 May, 2011:

Summer Time (Daylight Saving Time in some parts of the world) is an odd time of year when Ra seems to constantly be running an hour late for everything.

31 May, 2011:

Why Is My Work Funny?

Because I refuse to resort to immature bathroom humour while making a joke. I always use the highest quality wit when devising humourous--

An audio project for The Ceej's The Other Side, where a sound wave forms a penis with immature writing on it pointing that out.

Oh, for fuck's sake!  I write jokes that are so witty they make entire crowds of people laugh and think and my webmaster decides to post that?


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