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1 June, 201:

Why is it that every musician dies in a plane crash or a drug overdose?  Well, except for John Denver.  He died in a plane crash and a drug overdose.


2 June, 2011:


It's a cartoon. Ask someone who can see to read it to you. I apologise for the inconvenience

Credit goes to Apextual Icon for writing this and Sam I Am for drawing it.

7 June, 2011:

The King

Another cartoon.  Ask someone who can see to read it to you. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Credit goes to Apextual Icon for writing this and Sam I Am for drawing it.


11 June, 2011:

Demotes By The Ceej: #2

Demotivation Poster: Procrastination - Don't Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Put Off Today.

But, what if I want to work right now?  There's plenty of time to procrastinate later.  (Right click/View image for 800×600.)


27 June, 2011:

A Conversation Fit For A God

Zeus:  The Greeks came up with me before the Romans came up with you.

Jupiter:  Yeah, but they named a planet after me.

Zeus:  At least they don't call me the Gas Giant.

Jupiter:  Grr...  It was that one plate of beans, damn it!


26 August, 2011:

My DeLorean time machine broke down this weekend and I need to find someone that can fix it.  Does anyone know any quantum mechanics?

25 October, 2011:

I recall a time my middle school principal threw the book at me.  The first time it was A Tale Of Two Cities, and that hurt.  The second time, it was To Kill A Mockingbird.  And that hurt like the Dickens.


15 November, 2011:

Compliments That Come Out Wrong: Your mother is a very affordable whore.


20 November, 2011:

This is the way I saw the energised cable sticker when I was a kid:

Parody of Energised Cable sticker that is rewritten around the monster used in the logo.


14 December, 2011:

Your mother's so fat her doctor recommended she reduce her carbohydrate intake and get more excersise, along with some pills to help with her cholesterol level.
Your mother's so stupid, people are often having to explain things to her.
Your mother's so poor, she often has to prioritise the bills in order to afford food.
Your mother's so ugly, I might stop having sex with her one of these days...  Wait.  That may be too witty.  Let's try again.
Your mother's so ugly, I don't much like to look at her.  There.  That's better.
Thanks to Ankh Infinitus for working on these with me.


15 December, 2011:

You're gonna like my Facebook page whether you like it or not!

11 January, 2012:

You know, I used to be a Norse polytheist, but I got kicked out of the church for saying, "Fuck Odin and the eight-legged horse he rode in on."


14 January, 2012:

I didn't really care for this cancerous tumour at first, but you know what?  It's really starting to grow on me.


11 July, 2012:

Creepy Pick-Up Lines:     "I heard you're easy. Well, that's great because, baby, I'm hard."


12 July, 2012:

Why Call Centres Aren't Helpful



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